RESUL is a global firm with a mission founded on two main principles:


  • To guarantee high-quality products and services are brought to market, exceeding customer expectations and ensuring loyalty; 
  • To guarantee employees a sense of progress and professional development, empowering them to act as members of a winning team.


In the context of its mission, RESUL goals are:


  • To promote maximum operational efficiency in all areas of its business by optimizing the value of its financial, material and human resources; 
  • To ensure maximum satisfaction and customer and partner loyalty through a firm commitment to innovation and by offering the best quality to price ratio for its products and services; 
  • To lead the entire organization with the highest standards of conduct and social responsibility, building trusting relationships with all stakeholders; 
  • To conduct business by investing in ongoing training in the latest management practices, guaranteeing RESUL is equipped to handle strategic challenges and activities that truly generate value. A long established reference point in the sector and in the market as a whole, RESUL bases its strategy on three core values: 


1. A rigorous management style guarantees: 

  • a proper analysis of macroeconomic trends, changes in the sector and the market, as well as defining strategic priorities for action;
  • establishing and communicating clear and demanding goals;
  • adequate control and a necessary critical evaluation of the results.


2. Continuous innovation that encourages: 

  • pioneering management processes and practices;
  • a dynamic leadership role in the market.


3. Transparent policies that promote:

  • ethical conduct in relation to all the organization's stakeholders;
  • objective assessment of employees with regard to their performance and professional development; 
  • corporate social responsibility as a strategic choice;
  • investment in strategic partnerships in the markets RESUL operates in.

Today RESUL is a solid and cohesive company with a clear vision.  It is an organization focused on professional excellence and ready to build the next stage in its history, towards a stable, solid and durable future.

RESUL - Equipamentos de Energia S.A.

Parque Oriente
Rua D. Nuno Alvares Pereira, Bloco 3
2695-167 Bobadela - Portugal

Tel.: +351 218 394 980
Fax: +351 218 394 981
e-mail: geral@resul.pt

Lat. 38° 47´ 54´´ N Log. 9° 6´ 10´´ W

RESUL Angola

Rua Pedro Miranda nº 76/78
Bairro da Maianga
Luanda - Angola

Tel : (+244) 222 325 890
Tel/Fax : (+244) 222 321 334
e-mail: geral@resul.co.ao

RESUL Moçambique

Rua da França nº 90 - 3º esq.
Maputo - Moçambique

Tel : (+258 21) 418 057
Fax : (+258 21) 418 058
e-mail: resul.moc@tvcabo.co.mz

RESUL Cabo Verde

Av. Amílcar Cabral Prédio da Adega, 1º fte
Praia - Ilha de Santiago
Cabo Verde

Tel.: (+238) 2 611 866
Fax: (+238) 2 611 883
e-mail: resulcv@sapo.cv

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