RESUL is a Portuguese private capital firm with its main clients in the gas and water utilities area of the energy sector.

Initially founded in August 1982 as a trading company, RESUL also established itself early on in industry. RESUL served as the full or partial capital investor in domestic and foreign factories, including one in Portugal, one in Mozambique and another in Vancouver, Canada.


Between 1994 and 1998 RESUL continued to hold its business subsidiaries abroad, namely in Cape Verde, Angola and Mozambique.


In December 2003, RESUL received ISO 9001 Certification which it maintains to date.

RESUL has received the award of "SME Leader" (PME Líder) by the Portuguese Agency for SMEs and Innovation (IAPMEI) for many years.  In 2012 the company received the honor of "SME of Excellence" (PME Excelência).


From the very beginning RESUL has invested in a strategy of distinction and globalization focused on the so-called "utilities" sector, basing its growth on expanding markets and the adoption of three fundamental strategies:


  • Internationalization with services for the "global market", exporting to more than 40 countries. (Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas)
  • Vertical integration with strong investment in domestic production, active in defining the product lines and strategies of some of its supplier's factories.
  • Searching for and attracting prestigious partnerships, both domestic and foreign.


RESUL defines itself as an intelligent and creative company engaged in studying, designing, developing, producing and proposing solutions in equipment supply for energy distribution networks (electrical and gas), public lighting systems, smart grids, water distribution networks, solutions related to renewable energies. 

RESUL - Equipamentos de Energia S.A.

Parque Oriente
Rua D. Nuno Alvares Pereira, Bloco 3
2695-167 Bobadela - Portugal

Tel.: +351 218 394 980
Fax: +351 218 394 981
e-mail: geral@resul.pt

Lat. 38° 47´ 54´´ N Log. 9° 6´ 10´´ W

RESUL Angola

Rua Pedro Miranda nº 76/78
Bairro da Maianga
Luanda - Angola

Tel : (+244) 222 325 890
Tel/Fax : (+244) 222 321 334
e-mail: geral@resul.co.ao

RESUL Moçambique

Rua da França nº 90 - 3º esq.
Maputo - Moçambique

Tel : (+258 21) 418 057
Fax : (+258 21) 418 058
e-mail: resul.moc@tvcabo.co.mz

RESUL Cabo Verde

Av. Amílcar Cabral Prédio da Adega, 1º fte
Praia - Ilha de Santiago
Cabo Verde

Tel.: (+238) 2 611 866
Fax: (+238) 2 611 883
e-mail: resulcv@sapo.cv

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